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Cloud vs. Premise VoIP Solutions

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear is that our customers didn't know we support VoIP services. Most of our customers, even ones on previous solutions, are using some form of VoIP.

One of the benefits of TVC is that we support both cloud and premise based solutions. With a cloud solution your phones use your network and the internet to connect to a hosted phone server in ‘the cloud’ and premise based is a local server on your network. So, if you want everything in the cloud, we can accomplish that, or if you want local control of your equipment, we can accomplish that.

With a hosted cloud solution, you usually have the option of buying or renting the telephones which will plug into your computer network to access the internet and connect to a phone service you pay for monthly. This has the benefits of not having to deal with upgrading your server and making a manageable payment for required features. This seems to work very well for the user with one to ten phones or requires a lot of computer integrated software.

With a premise-based solution, you buy or finance the phones and the server that are installed at your business and in your control. This means that it can be as integrated or separate from your computer network as you need it to be. This also means that unlike a hosted solution when you intercom another phone, transfer a call, or use a feature of the phone system you are not using the internet and sometimes not even the computer network. This allows you to not have to update your network equipment or be concerned about voice quality because of your network.

Either solution uses the same VoIP phones and offers you integration with cell phones, instant messaging, your phones can run on your computer, and much more with all the typical features you would expect of your business communications.

We can integrate with Microsoft Teams, providing the ability to use non-proprietary phones and a better cost option for calling outside the Teams environment

Since there are many factors that guide the decision of what is best for your company TVC can help configure a solution by providing a complementary technology evaluation. We document what your wants and needs are, look at available options and then provide solutions that best fit your requirements with what is available. This is complementary so the worst thing that could happen is you find out you are doing everything the best way possible at the best price, at not cost to you.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this or any other business technology related scenario. Call customer support at 951-677-4422 or 800-966-4TVC (4882) and dial 0 to schedule a representative to look at your phone bill and current configuration. This can be accomplished over the phone, via video call or onsite depending on your comfort level, needs and location.

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