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Frontier IP Changes

You should get a notice if it applies to you, but Frontier is moving their customers that are on the old Verizon IP addresses to their Frontier managed servers. This means coordinating with them to change the public IP address programmed in your network router. Frontier should be able to handle this if you use their router, but TVC can hep you accomplish this if you need assistance.

The Frontier supplied router is a small office/ home office (SOHO) solution and can fall short in most cases of properly protecting and routing your business internet traffic.

If you would like to discuss back up internet and phone services we are here to help. From dedicated fiber to wireless line of site we have options for you if internet is mission critical to your business.

Also, there was an outage today that affected Frontier customers from accessing some websites. You can check for an update on Frontier outages at

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TVC management

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