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Frontier VoIP Issue

Updated: Jun 25

UPDATE 3/8/24, 9:10AM: It appears the email I sent to the office of the president of Frontier worked and we are getting reports of service working properly! Of course the email did not make a difference, but hopefully I will get some information on what happened that I can forward to all of you.

I wish there was more we could do, as we do not have control of other service providers, but will continue to be your advocate and push for resolution and answers.

We will be removing call forwarding and making test calls, but please let customer support ( 951-677-4422) know if there are any issues that you find after that is completed.

UPDATE 3/8/24, 8:07AM: I sent an email and left a voicemail for a Frontier inside rep but I am sure she is inundated with requests right now. I called technical support who said it was estimated to be repaired last night but looks like there are still issues. The tech support representative could not provide an updated estimated time of repair. I opened another ticket with tech support for notification purposes and opened a ticket with the office of the president of Frontier.

I wish I had better news but we are continuing to investigate in an attempt to help correct the issue and update our mutual customers.

UPDATE: 3/7/24, 12:24PM: Reports of outgoing calls having two-way audio but incoming calls still have one-way audio. So my suggestion is to answer an incoming call, make a statement that 'you are experiencing audio issues so you will call back to the number in caller ID' and then call back.

Hopefully next report will be that all is repaired. We have a very unofficial estimate of 4:30PM today, so keep your fingers crossed.

UPDATE: 3/7/24, 11:13AM: It appears Frontier is getting to the bottom of the issue because we are getting phone calls that calls are ringing in but there is no audio. This is a step in the right direction but obviously not a complete fix.

From the information in the forum link below, one-way audio has been reported, so until it gets completely resolved I suggest answer the call and stating that Frontier is still working on the phone issue (even though you cannot hear the caller they may be able to hear you) or keep call forwarding active until we get some reports of complete repair.

UPDATE: 3/7/24, 9:01AM: Frontier voice service outage = We reached out to a Frontier inside rep and previously communicated with a field technician but have not heard an update yet. We will try to keep this updated and you can check then select Frontier, or and go the comments to see this is affecting sporadically most of California. It was not traced quickly and still not repaired overnight, so I hope this is not a malicious attack.

UPDATE: 3/6/24, 3:07PM: After much research, leg work and communication, Frontier has determined the issue to be with them. There is an outage number 2464687 and common cause number 634734. Now that the issue has been determined to be on their end, I am hopeful there will be a resolution soon. However, since this is a carrier issue we can only escalate and communicate until they trace and repair.

Earlier: We have received many calls regarding phone service being affected negatively this morning. There are at least 3 carriers for these reported customers but all use Frontier FiOS, so we are investigating with Frontier to determine what has failed and what the repair is.

Unfortunately, since we do not have control of the carriers we do not have a estimated time of repair, but will continue communicating with Frontier, other carriers and our customers.

Please report an outage to so we can report areas affected to Frontier and keep you updated as we get responses.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and your uptime is our focus.

Thank you,

Shane Lesovsky


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