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951 area code 10-digit dialing

To prepare for a future 988 suicide prevention emergency hot line, starting 10/24/21 callers need to dial the full 10 or 11-digit telephone number when placing calls from the 951 area code to someone within the same 951 area code.

Most service/equipment that TVC has sold for the last many years already does this in the background so your calls may be able to still be dialed with just the 7-digits.

This will mostly affect users with analog telephone service for fax machines, alarms, home telephone service, etc. But if you have older phone lines or equipment you may need to adjust your dialing habits or upgrade your service/equipment.

This is affecting 82 other area codes throughout the US that also have telephone numbers with 988 as the leading digits.

Remember that we changed our area code twice in the past and we were able to adjust our habits, but let us know if we can be any help.

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