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Ever wonder how Caller ID works?

Most people think caller ID is controlled by your carrier, when in reality the receiving carrier has most of the control. Your carrier can only control the number they send and make sure it is listed in the national database properly.

(You can test this by going to, and entering your telephone number to see the CNAM (caller ID name) associated with this number in the national database.)

So, if you were to call TVC at 951-677-4422, your carrier will send out your caller ID number only.

Our phone/system will see if we have a name that matches the number received.

If so, it will display the name we have programmed on our end. "Mary Smith" for example.

If not, it will look to our carrier database. Lets say they have "ABC Co" for your name.

If there is no match, then it will look to the national database. Where maybe you are listed as "ABC Company".

If no match anywhere, then the number only should be displayed.

So as you can see the same call to us could show as Mary Smith, ABC Co, ABC Company, or the number alone, depending on what is programmed down the line and what the receiving carrier does with the call.

This is especially noticed when calling cell phones as the user may enter a name to a number that has nothing to do with the company or other outside information.

This goes hand in hand with SPAM calls in a previous blog, so check that one out as well.

Thank you,

Shane Lesovsky

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