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Frontier outage

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

We began getting reports of issues today that appear to be related to a Frontier DNS outage that is causing issues ranging from phones not registering, to internet not working properly. We are in communication with Frontier and determining if there are work arounds until they can resolve the issue.

Please be patient as we work with this internet service provider (ISP).

Thank you,

TVC management

If you would like to discuss back up internet and phone services we are here to help. From dedicated fiber to wireless line of site we have options for you if internet is mission critical to your business.

7/6/20 12:40PM PT Update: We are still in communication with Frontier and our customers and getting reports that some are back up but others remain down, so keep checking periodically

7/7/20 3:21PM PT Update: It appears that the issue has been resolved. We did not receive an update from Frontier but our customer follow up calls have all been positive. Please let us know if you need our assistance or need back up internet options.

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