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Phone number spoofing

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Spoofing is when someone calls you showing a different caller ID number than their actual number. Typically these are related to marketing schemes but we have received notification from multiple customers that their number has been used in malicious ways. For example, someone calling because they have money to send you so send them your credit card info so they can put the money into your account.

The number they use for caller ID has nothing to do with them, so you answer it because you assume it is a legitimate call. Unfortunately, trusting individuals give out information they shouldn't and a residual issue is the company the number really belongs to now gets a bad reputation.

Issues from callers calling back asking what they are up to, callers reporting the number as a SPAM caller, etc. because they don't understand the owner of the telephone number has nothing to do with the malicious intent of the true caller.

We are dealing with someone using our number to report a warrant on the person they are calling. This is of course not our Company/team making the call as we deal with business technology, not legal issues, but the callers are quite upset with us because the call "came from us".

We were researching for our customers and now ourselves so expect more on this soon. In the meantime, here is some information we found previously discussing this issue:

To report number spoofing you can go the the following FCC website:

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